Wish Fulfillment: A son comes out to his father 10 different ways. Based on my stage play. Co-directed with Matt Brown. Starring Robert Funaro. Selected for the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Bobby Funaro and Tim Eulich

Prom Queen: Two high school girls discover the perfect diet, but only one will survive. Based on my stage play; co-directed by Matt Brown.

Zombie Hideaway: (video) In Zombie Hideaway David plays a nyctophobic playwright, relocated from the heart of Manhattan to the heart of the woods, deep in the outer reaches of the Hudson Valley. He’s pretty sure there are zombies in the woods — and that he may be becoming one. At least his trusty dog Elmo is safe, for now. Tune in to find out how David thwarts (or not) the dangers of an urban playwright transplanted to bucolic blight.

Rev. Jimmy’s Lake of Fire: (video)the ultra-right-wing ramblings of radio personality Reverend Jimmy. Is this guy for real? Played with deftness and irony by Mr. Simpatico himself, Rev. Jimmy explains how we all must, as “prayer warriors,” reclaim the Seven Mountains of American Culture and “take back the real America, created by Jesus Christ and George Washington.” We must be, he states earnestly, as “stealth bombers for Christ.”


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