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My play, The Secret of Life

The Secret of Life

4 Women, 2 Men

THE SECRET OF LIFE is a series of thematically interconnected monologues about people taking tiny, yet pivotal, steps forward in their lives. The very first piece, IRENE, has been published this year in the Applause anthology, BEST WOMEN’S MONOLOGUES OF THE MILLENNIUM. How’s that for a book title!?

Hope you enjoy.



MY PLAY, BAD BLOOD, full length comedy/drama

Bad Blood

Full-length comedy/drama infused with magic realism

Cast size: 7 men, 2 women playing multiple parts

A Father visits a powerful psychic in order to call his son back from the dead to deal with unfinished business. With a structure inspired by Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL, this play uses liberal doses of magic realism to explore one man’s journey as he chooses between what he’s been taught, and what he truly wants: to love his son.

It has gone through many workshops and readings, and is looking for a production. Let me know what you think



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